the intro sounds chaotic and unstructured

tempo problems

structure wise nothing pops out at me within the first minute, general rule of thumb is to catch attention first 10 seconds, 20-30 with a long slow intro. aka just kind of generic

nothing really flows well.

sorry if this seems kind of harsh, im not trying to just put you down, just work on polishing the songs up i would love to hear them. intro to fear the flood really caught my attention, your stuff sounds like it has some potential. again not against you just this specific song doesnt do it for me.

by the way, you might benefit from grabbing some midi drums, even if just for compositional value, they really help make a piece snap together.
Crit as I listen-

The intro shredding, though very fast, didn't really fit. Solid riffage after it, though. I like the harmonising you bring in. More solid riffage after that. Again, the leadwork doesn't fit, it feels out of key.

Apart from the general poor quality, there isn't really much I can say about it. It has some good ideas in there, but it's generally unstructured and doesn't feel like it's going anywhere. Mainly you should work on making the leads fit.

Have you tried downloading a drum program? Playing over a backing beat would really help it feel more solid

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