i plugged my pc directly into my poweramp via the effects return and now i have to crank my volume to about 9 before it 'hears' the preamp. did i mess something major up? or just the fuse?

I had the pc run through one of my 4 channel mixers so it could reach the amp via headphone out/guitar cable. I had the bass to 10 and treble to about 7 on the mixer and cranked some metal and trance pretty loud.

Fuse looks fine.
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Check the pc volume?

I meant volume on my guitar to my amp to the power amp like normal. now i have to turn the amp up to 9[then it blasts in] and turn it back down for it to work just momentarily.
I got some good guitars, yo.
Check the PC volume.
I.e the line in or CD/video in.
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Yep your not supposed to hook things up that way. Its an effects loop not an external computer connector. Time for a trip to the shop. If you want to run your computer that way you need an amp with a cd input.