yeah i agree....its actually just sofware on the computer...thats it haha

thank you though!
its always hard to record drums

but all those song are very good

twenty four hours is my favorite
Listening to 24 hours due to the above comment and for 2 years not bad. Good sense of melody and good rhythm. I can imagine this being the beginning to a good classic rock track.
Solos get a little off key at times but you jump back right into it. Very nice soloing showing off all the hard work. Must admit I am impressed very good track. Add some vocals and throw that solo in the middle and this would be a very good upbeat get you pumped track. The Recording is pretty solid and listenable just watch your intonation when going off on some of those bends and you'll be set very good job.

Mind critting my bands first show?
Smile alot today... okay?