Occaisionally I stumble upon a jazz artist that moves my very rock oriented self.

I love people like Mingus, Monk, Coleman, Rollins, and Coltrane and I'm always looking for artists that can excite me like that.

When I find them I tend to get really excited and earlier today I was checking out magazines when I saw a picture of Rahsaan Roland Kirk lookin' stylish and playing two saxes at once.

Naturally I was intrigued so when I got home I googled him and the first youtube video that came up blew my mind. Hard.


I've been to many Rock concerts that didn't even remotely come close to reaching that kind of energy level.

I was on the edge of my seat for the whole damn thing.

I always though Circular Breathing was for douche holes like Kenny G and Hippies who play the Didge. I didn't realize it made non stop rocking possible.

Anyway I just wanted to share this with you guys and maybe get some suggesttions as to what his best albums are.

I already plan on ordering Volunteered Slavery.
^yeah but he's a douche so it doesnt count. When I first heard about Roland I thought "oh two saxes what a gimmick," and now I regret ever thinking that. Hes the man. Listen to the vocal track "Bright Moments" for some inspiration.
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I just read up on him and found out he was blind too!

I love this man.

I'll check out "Bright Moments"
yeah Roland Kirk is one of the best in my opinion!
im now listening to his album "talking with spirits" where he plays the Flute!its ****ing incredible, that guys from another world.
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