The drums seems a bit hesitant and a tad of time and the recording it's self is kind of low. The guitar playing is pretty cool and expressive however the long breaks between sound a little odd at times. It seems like it was pieced together and the ending was weird.

it's a very good idea just work on putting it all together and adding some more dynamics.

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Smile alot today... okay?
hey dude thanks!! saw your vid and heard you tunes, really good, very original, i will try to wokr on it somemore, thanks for the advice!!!
Hey there ...
Loved the intro - it sets a very errie/dark mood.
The solo throughout the song also felt as it it was played with great emotion!!!!
!!! A++ !!!

Crit Mine?
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Niiiice. Great intro, very Opeth. Problem with drums that slow is they often seem out of time I can see this being a great intro/outro to an album though, or even just an interlude in a longer song. Very well composed and played

Loving some of your other stuff too. Again, very Opethy, and great vocals Prophecies is an awesome track.

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the guitar part was pretty amazing but i'd speed up the drum track so it blends with the song more but still gives it that slower feel just because the drum tracks in your other songs sound in time and they are a bit faster
starverse- thanks alot dude!! i heard all of your songs, you have alot of potential with compositon. try to work on the transitions from one riff to onather and timing, other then that you they are very good, very original.

vermintide- thanks alot dude!!! yeah the drums sound pretty weird, i left them and the mistakes a made bucause i wanted to sound pure,you know like black metal kinda, and i dont know why but i liked the dragging effect that its gave to the song. adn your right its an outro to my cd, its a concept album, and thats the end. well thanks dude!by the way your a great composer and those solo are very good i gotta say!

kermitdf- im glad you like it and i did think of changing the drums but like i said, i wanted everything very simple and not to complex in terms quality, by the way everything was one take like the solo and riff and bass. i just wen to progressive nation to see DT and opeth and on my way back i was listeningt o credence very good song, and it inpired me to do thi song, thanks for checking it out dude!