I just saw it today, great special effects and the battle scenes were a lot better than the first one, but this movie didn't make any sense. The first one was obvious, what was the second one about?
as far as the religious allegory goes, it was supposed to be about faith in Christ, and his eventual return. the whole ''maybe it's us that have to prove ourselves to him'' and his coming at the end of the movie, etc. it was all painfully obvious and annoying as hell.

plus, the script was just awful. i mean there were things that just got forgotten without resolution, like Peter's immature misconceptions and the like.

and WHY the hell were they acting like kids? they were supposed to be wise from having already lived a lifetime.

AND the love interest between caspian and the girl was just out of the blue and completely unnecessary. I dunno if all these things were present in the book, or if the transition to the movie version just screwed everything up.
The kids go back to Narnia and a ****load of time has passed, then theres some more religious concepts involved. But the movie was obviously made for making more cash.
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