Okay there is this asshole at my school that we need to get revenge on. He cheats on girls, uses girls, thinks he's really f***in cool for doing' all of it, and worst of all stole my best friend's girl by lying to her and starting rumors about my my best friend.

All around this guy is an ass, and I need you, my fellow UGers, to help me think of a way to take him down. Here is some basic info:

1) Plays lots of soccer
2) Got a blow-job from a really fat girl and got crap for it for a long time
3) Weak ass bitch
4) Extremely weak ass bitch
5) Has around 4 friends
6) Hides behind his strongest friend
7) Can't take face-to-face confrontation (in other words he won't insult me or anyone to their face).
8) Uses other people's phones to send "insulting" text messages, or extort information.

Any ideas?
By the way, I can't fight him cuz the lacrosse coach will kick my ass if I do no matter if its in or out of school. Trust me if I could have, I would have.

I know there are at least 100 evil geniuses out there, lend me your guidance o great ones.
Well shit man.