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in making a decision.

Motorbike or car?

I know both have major disadvantages and advantages.
A motorbike is cheaper to run than a car, but more dangerous.
A car is safer,but costs more to run.

Any advice is appreciated.

Just buy whatever you want. If you want something that you could actually carry equipment in and more than you and one other person, I suggest a car. It all comes down to what you'll mostly be using it for.
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Basically,I'll need it to get to and from work and around and about where I'll be living when I move.
It'll never be more than 20 miles,I imagine.
It depends on a few things:

If you are sure you will be a safe and smart driver, than go ahead and go for the motorcycle (motorbike).

If you don't mind paying more, and want the extra security, get the car.
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Car, because its reeeaaallllyy hard to have sexual relations on the back of a motor bike, at least for me.
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I love my bike but during the cold weather its a nuisance to get dressed up and then I can't carry much with me. So I'd say probably get a car.
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Motorbike won't be too good of an idea in winter and on rainy days.

this, but if you do get a motorbike...
dont get a motorbike get a moped.
id say a bike, yeah the insurance is high, but you will save in the long run with cost of gas/mpg
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Yeah...I'd get a car.