All the songs with TCBD next to them are my bands songs
no vocals yet will be soon though
wow dude those are pretty good
what did you record it with. Not the insrtuments but like what programs and stuff. Thats some good quality stuff
Thanks alot man!
I used sonar 4 producer edition to do them its pretty good
Some pretty sick stuff you got going on there. I can't complain much maybe the tone of the guitar was not my taste but everything seemed fine. The songs were solid and like you said you guys just need a vocalist. However watch out for being to repetitive with the rythmn parts. Variating them makes the solos seem even better and the whole song more intresting. Very good job and can't wait to see the band as a whole.

Speaking of bands mind critting my bands first show.
Smile alot today... okay?
Thanks man
Yea we got a full line up just not recorded properly yet thats just a little demo of some songs
I'll have a listen now man