I will try again. *pics are up*
I really want a ESP, Schecter, or Jackson guitar.
The Les Paul is in great condition. It is a B-stock because it was shipped with "hairline scratches on the back" so i mean it's nothing.
I can add a little bit of cash. I also have a Black Licorice metal pedal.
As far as shecters go, i want a hellrsaiser.
my ebay is coulwood1

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damn thats nice, almost exactly what i've been looking for.
how much are you looking to get for it?
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well as much as anyone else is getting fo for them i guess thats around 400
anyway just pm me an offer. forgot to say i added some gold straplocks.
i have a jacksson Dk2m i will haev pics up soon if u r intrested let me know