Drop everything you're doing. You can now crap anywhere you want to!


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i lol'd
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Screw that, I'm gonna make my own, and mine will have a heated seat and a fan built in, just in case it's too hot or too cold and my balls get sweaty/freeze.

However, the concept is brilliant.

Imagine taking a **** in your office at work, or on the side of a highway, or in the middle of a supermarket!
thats actually a good idea...is cardboard biodegradable.they are thinking of the environment.. oh...and..I CANT WAIT TO TAKE A **** IS ONE OF THEM!!
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I beat my wife

Beating yea bi
I love this idea,

The amount of times I've had to **** behind bushes on the highway whilst on the road is insane (3, o_O)

This solves all of my problems
that is so... AWESOME!

I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

top of my x-mas list this year
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►He took some acid
▼Now he thinks he's a fire engine
i can now drop a turd while in chruch!
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Im going to buy it, take it onto the set of American idol. There, i will take a crap in front of millions of people.

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