So, I'm going for the first time in a long while...so I want it to be a good movie.

Choices are:

Indiana Jones
Iron Man
Speed Racer
The Strangers

I'm leaning towards either Indiana Jones, Iron Man or The Strangers but I can't decide - so I need guidance.

Any opinions?
Well, I suggest you go see Indiana Jones, but don't think of it as an Indiana Jones movie. It would have been much better if it weren't set in the Indiana Jones universe.

If you don't want to go to that effort, Iron Man.
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Make a poll. It will help you tally votes and decide easier.
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Iron Man was good and if you're a fan of the series Speed Racer is amazing.
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great film.
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Indy or Iron Man. I've only seen Indy so far, but it's really good. A bit ridiculous at times, but it's still good.

That may be because I greaser style, though...

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Make a poll. It will help you tally votes and decide easier.

Good idea, but I can't figure out how to add one after the fact. I tried editing my original post and replying but can't find the option.

Ugh I feel stupid.

I have a feeling it's down to Iron Man v. Indiana Jones now anyway.
Indiana Jones was HORRIBLE. No one i know liked Speed Racer, I haven't seen it.

Iron Man was alright.
Who dat?
Indiana Jones - not good as an Indy movie, but entertaining as hell nonetheless.

Haven't seen Narnia but heard it's a decent action flick having little to do with the book.

Iron Man - Intense action with great acting and humor. Look for Tom Morello as an insurgent!

Speed Racer - Visually stunning, go in not expecting a serious film and you will be pleased (aside from the douchebag little kid and monkey).

Haven't seen The Strangers, but is disappointing from what I've heard.

Out of the three I've seen, Iron Man and Indy are the most fun. Iron Man is a lot less disappointing, so I say go for that.
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Indiana Jones. All other answers are invalid.
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Iron Man, and if it's not avalible or something, go to Indian Jones
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