Couldn't find a bop thread, but it may be buried in the back of the forum.

Anyway, I am a huge fan of bepop and hard bop. It's definitely my favorite form of Jazz.

So lets discuss Bop. I am feeling some Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers lately.
Well, just throw out some songs/artists you like.
Well, anyway, I think that Giant Steps is epic.
Jazz Messengers are great, but I liked them more when they had Horace Silver with them. I also have some great albums with Bird and Diz.
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Dizzy was the Godfather of Bop. I absolutely love the afro cuban stuff, like Manteca and Cubano Bop.
i just started getting into jazz a couple weeks ago and bebop and hard bop are by far my favorite styles too. buying Art Blakey's Moanin' album is right up there on my to do list
^I need to get that album. I think that The Black Saint and The Sinner lady is my favorite hard bop composition.
Yeah, that album is epic. I love jazz albums like that, where each track builds of the last one.
yeah, and i've always wanted to listen to Epitaph
I love the fiery energy that good bebop has, and the way cats like Bird could just get up and play their ass off every night is something else.

I must say, listening to the alternate takes on Moanin' ruined the album slightly for me. They play the same solos as good as note-for-note, and then hearing the first take again makes it suddenly seem less fresh and energetic when they're doing it all by rote, as it were. That being said, Art is awesome. Plays like an absolute mother****er throughout that album, especially on the Drum Thunder Suite.
I've been enjoying Freddie Hubbard and Eric Dolphy lately. Dolphy especially is blowing my mind! Mingus too, that cat could put together some great groups.
i have really gotten into charlie parker this year, in fact i even performed one of his some for my final exam. (im a guitar performance major).
and just recently my new favorite guitar player (for now haha) is john scofield.
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Dizzy was the Godfather of Bop. I absolutely love the afro cuban stuff, like Manteca and Cubano Bop.
Personally I like Dizzy more than Charlie Parker, but Charlie Parker was the father of bop.

I really like Coltrane's bop years. Actually I like coltrane full stop.
^There would be no Charlie Parker if there was no Dizzy. The first couple of tracks that Charlie played bop on were Salt Peanuts and A Night in Tunisia.

Charlie Parker, imo, only had that virtuoso talent within the context of improvising, and impact as far as the number of copycats.

Now Dizzy just kept writing and composing over the years, making his music better and better.
Charlie Parker...gah... part of me loves him for his godly improvisational skill, but the other half can't help but think that his music is so... mastrabatory.
I think that I'm starting to like Hard Bop more than Bebop. More rootsy, ya know?

The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady is awesome
Excuse me for my ignorance, but what is the definition of "bop"? how do you know how to classify something into bop?
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Bop is primarily post war Jazz, developed mainly in New York. It uses (at times) complex chord structures, and relies heavily on phrases built off of the flatted fifth. In that sense, it is heavily blues influenced.

Bebop is in a way lighter than Hard Bop. Hard Bop was created as a reaction to West Coast Jazz, which copied a lot of the style of Bebop, but without the same edge. Hard Bop is also a very ethnic style of jazz, more so than most others. It has a bluesier feel to it, and is often more bass laden (see: Charles Mingus). Every group is different though.
Me and a friend (lead guitarist) made a garage/punk song using a hard bop drum track today

Who are some Bop artists other than Monk, Parker, Miles, Dizzy Gillespie, Coltrane and Mingus?
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Sonny Rollins, Bud Powell, Sonny Rollins, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, to name a few.
thankgod there is a bop thread. i love bird, he is my favourite bopper no doubt (probably because i play alto sax :P)

their complex rhythm changes and light bobby feel of the music just lifts up the spirits

my favoureit piece is definitely donna lee. also this year for my hsc (in 2 days) i am performing a bird piece and yes, i am improvising in it =D
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