On the effects of X I can't spit this ****
'Cause ta rhyme this mean I gotta stay stright clean
So hard and so lean, I'm tearin' up this broke scene
With my snowy niggas fallin' in behind me
I don't knuck if you buck, I'ma ****, you can suck
On the rod of a god, the alpha-**** o' the flock
The one that's never heard a honey screamin "stop, stop, stop"
Ya gotta keep 'em in line, son
Little bitches'll whine some
But I wine and dine, unzip my fly
And then get me mine, rum-
Buh-lin with the twelves in da back o' the jeep
Party starts when I get there, so go grab some sleep
You're gonna need it, to feed it, the fight in me
I tip the Jager, beer it later, start the count to three
Up to four, give me more, it'll take awhile
To get me drunk, I ain't no punk, ain't smart to get me riled
****, I'm sober, you're over, its the end of the line
Don't need my nine 'cause I used to work at Fine Chine Dine
Where a kind, blind chef taught me all the kung fu
To shape-shift a grown man into a pot of stew
Simmer, simmer, what's for dinner? Ya really wanna know?
Its confidential, but I'll tell ya that he shoulda hol-
Ded up, shut up, let up, gave up
Now he's dead and he'll never see another sun up
All thanks to me, that's who I be
Hard as steel and always free
To do exactly as I please
Hoes, now get up off yo knees
'Cause I'ma throw it in the breeze
To my receiver "eighty-three"
Yeah, he's the only one I need to bleed the colors of my team