so i was playing around on guitar today and i noticed that when i plug in to just my boss OD-3 and then the amp, it kinda sounds a little too harsh. theres too much fuzz in it. but then later on i plugged into my other pedals(rotovibe, crybaby, then the OD-3 and amp) and it sounded smoother and not as harsh.

i think my tone is starting to lack on these pedals because the 9V's are running low but im not sure why this is happening. is it that the other pedals are sucking a bit of my output or something? now that i think of it, im pretty sure this happens to some degree when i have new 9V's put in as well.
It might be that the other pedals are sucking some treble out of your tone, making it smoother. I think it was SRV who wanted "bad" cables because they sucked some treble, or something like that.
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I vote its the win of the rotovibe cancelling out the fail of the boss.

actually the OD-3 is one of their better pedals. a lot of people like them. some dont like the extra bass in it but thats why i like it. im pretty sure right now that this harsher sound as to do with the batery. i havent got a new one yet but i remember it being a lot smoother when i had a full, better brand batery in it.

plus, i guess its not a bad thing that the rotovibe is sucking some tone out. im going to have it connected anyway so i guess its good that i like the results. it must be the rotovibe though. because when i just have it guitar->wah->OD, it sounds like when i just have the OD. ive read a couple of times that the rotovibe sucks tone a bit and i guess now its true.