So im working on the Andromeda solo from the guitar lesson, and everything was going pretty smoothly until I got to the first arpeggio part. I practiced it alot and payed attention to what I was doing, and now I am just wondering if I could learn just as fast and not pay attention.

Do any of you all watch Tv when you practice that kind of stuff or does that not work so well?
A guy I knew who has played for something like 15 years said when he tried doing that for a year or so, he just noticed his technique and posture went to hell, because he'd start getting relaxed and quirking his hands up. Anyway, i don't think it's very effective, it probably, like he says, promotes those bad habits, as well as any other ones you might develop.
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I sometimes watch tv while i play guitar..

It just depends..

coordination exercises may not even require sound...
composing can be hard while the tv is on..you can subconsciously steal something you
are hearing..and not even notice

It can still be a fun exercise...you just put on the video channels and play
along with everything that comes on. Get out of your comfort zone and
play on some music channels u dont usually listen to also. You will learn
some things. When u start getting good..it will help your improv skills..

some people dont like to do it..some people do...Some people can read a
book and keep up with a television show at the same time..

Some weight trainers listen to music for motivation..Some say it is distracting..
Placing yourself into solitude can make some hardcore training..but it doesnt
make a more disciplined player..just makes your practice more formal. There
is no right or wrong...Some players can be very anal about their techniques.

Just make sure u master the basics and develop good habits.
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