I'll give 15 dozen cookies to the person who helps me solve this, i've been going at it forever now.

What is the percent dissociation of an acid which has a pH of 3.5 and a
concentration of 0. 15 mol/L?
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I actually just took my chem final today; not looking so good. Wish I could help.

Someone help this man with his chemistry!
watch Breaking Bad. That's how I studied for my chemistry final.
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I never learned how to do this, but I think I know enough to solve it.

pH=-log(H30 ions) right?

plug in pH and solve for H30 ions. Now we now that you get x ions from 0.15 M solution. Assuming the 100% of 0.15 moles dissolved find what the H30 concentration should be. Divide what it is by wht is should be and thats your answer.
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unless they just say it's a strong acid (one of the 7) then it's 100%.
Otherwise acsticrckr89 has way to do it