I just looked up at my computer screen and this is what i saw.

Has anyone else seen this?

I loled good and hard.

EDIT: ****. Sorry for huge pic.
Yes, it's been used in several threads. Still funny though...
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No they don't, and UG is proof...
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I don't get banner ads.


Yeah I had that firefox application or whatever too, but most of them are hilarious, so when I took them away, I missed them
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I don't get banner ads.


AdBlock Pro FTW.

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AdBlock Pro FTW.

I just installed that a little while ago. At first, I thought the ads would be huge blocks of white space with a little X in the middle. Thank God it's transparent. Ads are non existent now, and the program is very accurate too. If you don't have it, get it!
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It doesn't fit my playing style at all so I figured it would be good for me
I used to get one that said "People like you and me meet on GLAMROCK.COM!" in sparkly pink letters. I lol'd every time I saw it.