ive been playing for like 2 years and i cannot play and sing at the same time even on easy songs

i always start switching chords too early or whenever the verse starts or ends

its startin to piss me off cause im tryin to learn it with creep by radio head which has pretty easy strumming and i feel straight up retarded....

any tips
All I can really say is practice, but try this: strum each chord only once and sing. Also get the song down so you can play it in your sleep, then you can sing and playing will be second nature.
good song choice. =D that was the first song i learned to play and sing.

anyways, get the strum down to the point of where you don't even need to think about it, then start out humming or singing softly.

just keep at it. the chics love it XD
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Yeah, it took me like a couple of days to get it down. I kind of mumble the lyrics along when I'm strumming the chords. I "say" the chord corresponding to the note. Then it just becomes second nature.

I pretty much hate my voice when I record it. >:[
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Practice - you sucked at playing the guitar when you started because you'd never tried to do it before. You suck at playing and singing because you've likewise never tried to do it before, the fact that you can already do the two thing separately doesn't really matter.
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all u need to do is just practice it will all come in time. i remember when i could even talk to some1 n play guitar now i can sing n play just dandy. just keep at it......
Sometimes it's just not certain people's bag.

Multitasking is difficult. I sing backup and I can hardly do that on rhythm.

It comes naturally to some but others have to practice a lot. Some people need pretty intense concentration to play let alone try and sing which is heavily distracting.

Your head has to be in two places at once kinda...

one pays attention to fretting, strumming and picking...

the other pays attention to voice volume, tone, and pitch.
Best Possible Technique for Singing on top of Guitar/Bass playing:

First off, have the song memorized, and the lyrics memorized, make sure you can sing the song and play the song properly, on timing and everything, and what you are going to do is correctly match where you need to sing which words where, an example is I started with "Metallica-Creeping Death", when I started the first riff, it was two palm mute open E matching it to "Slaves", then when I hit the notes after the palm mutes I would continue the lyrics: "Hebrew born to serve", then I would match the next line with the next part it starts at "to the pharaohs".

This is the most effective way to do it, because you cannot "not" remember where you are supposed to sing and not, because you have organized it in your head, just like when your playing a song, you can usually imagine the tab in your head, this is because your mind has organized the song so you can make sense of it, you are not multi tasking when you sing, if you were singing something that did not "fit" to the guitar, Slow singing/fast playing, then it would be multitasking, but not when you are on beat.

Hope it helped,
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