I'd just just pickup a fender and put some hot pickups in it.

If you want it to look hardcore thats another story...
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Theres a faq about this.

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The FAQ is about starter basses, and theres no problem with asking for some advice about it, and theres no need to report him for it, you should give people help rather than attempt to get them banned for a mistake that anyone could make.

But TS I would probably go to a guitar shop and try out everything thats in your price range and see what you like most and well.. Buy it.

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Just don't get a BC Rich!!

Try out a Squier P or some Ibanez.

To Woogles you CANNOT buy a fender for 400 bucks including new pickups. Which also is stupid because you should get a bass with the pickups you want.
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No-one's getting banned. Hush yourself.

I'd probably get an Ibanez myself, mostly because I love Ibanez. Check out Schecter too.
If the bass forum mods warned / banned people for not using the FAQ, the FoTB would become the alternative bass forum at some point.

Yes--I would love to see the day when threads on bass choices started "I read the FAQ and I have some questions about this bass before I go hit the shops and try it out"...

And to quote watchingmefall (Raul), there is no such thing as a "metal bass". My advice is take your budget and go to a store. Its a fun way to spend an afternoon and I'm sure you will find a good bass to fit the bill.
The day the FAQ becomes an acceptable reason to close threads is the day I start posting on TB again. The FAQ presents a pretty narrow range of opinions, from just a few people.