I've been looking into Carvin necks/guitars, and a great deal of the necks are finished with tung oil. Since Carvin guitars aren't sold at my local stores, what other (preferably popular) guitars have tung oil finishes on the neck?

Current guitar is an Agile AL2000, neck is painted

EDIT: How do Carvin's clear satin and/or gloss finish compare to the tung oil finish or a pinted neck?
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if you wanted to, you could always sand down the neck then stain it. that gives some of the fastest necks.

but i wouldnt suggest that for an even half expensive guitar. If i got an SX (which i am highly considering) i would, because some people said the necks were fat, so id want to fix that.
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TUng oil is ment to make the neck super smooth compared to there standard options
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