hey, i went to edit my sig for the first time, and it told me that it couldnt be more then 250 characters long, but i know ive seen people with longer sigs then mine, any explanations or loopholes?

once I get my answers, this thread will become a magical place where you may all post pics or videos of people getting the testicles extremly harmed.
Testicles are not meant to be harmed.
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getting the testicles really hard? i prefer mine the way they are thanks

also, go to the newbie forum, and get this thread out of the pit
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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
jun 2006 and you havent figured this one out yet? come on man, its 250 characters. spaces dont count as characters. annoying jackasses can have sigs that are as long as they want.

vids, now.
I have no opinion on this matter.
like i said, this was the first time i bothered with a sig, so i jsut figured this out.

i realize that spaces dont count but that doesnt mean im not pretty sure ive seen someone with a longer sig,

now, i would LOVE a straight up "No, i dont think you have seen something like that" or a "Here's a way to do this"
*reported*....YOU like where its at foff you chump.
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jmonko, your sig made me laugh.

Sorry, I have nothing helpful to add. Bring on the ownage videos.
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sure go ahead and report me dude, i dont think its seriously ****in' with your day though is it? people post **** out of place all the time, get used to it. the internet is a big bad place where people sometimes bend the rules, just answer my damn question or go away, (or post some ownage vids if you like)
* reported*
There are specific places for things and this aint it it. Mostly though I think youre an ass
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fine dude, like i said, it doesnt really matter. ive yet to get my question answered, though. I bet you could even tell me the answer, and then, you know what? this thread would become nothing but another useless thread in the pit, or if you like, i could even close it jsut to make your sorry ass happy. but once again i doubt its affecting yours or anybody elses experiance in the pit.

and for the record id just like to say that you've seriously hurt my feelings, i dont think ive ever been called an ass before and that hurts.

there. now im an ass, but you know what? you are too, because you are doing nothing but nit-picking at **** that doesnt really even matter.

can anybody give me a straight answer as to how to make my sig longer? im pretty sure ive seen them longer then 250, but i could be mistaken and if i am please tell me.

oh and in the meantime:

once reported no one should make a post also I just dont like youre style. Just go to the newbie forum and it will be OK. Did you notice that the louder you type the more people respond. Get lost ass hole.
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