I recently noticed that the bridge on my stratocaster is crooked (thats not mine in the photo). It is not straight against the pickguard but is rather on an angle as shown by the red line.

1) What do those two screws do shown by the yellow arrows?
2) How can I fix this crooked alignment?

To put it in more simple terms, there is a gap between the bridge and the end of the pickguard on the right side of the bridge.

(and thats not my guitar in the pic)
Loosen the trem posts a lil, it might not be catching on them.
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Maybe the pickguard wasnt cut right. But if the 2 studs were installed wrong then it will be a pain to fix.
just hope that your bridge was not set up wrongly.. maybe screws on your bridge were drilled quite wrongly that's why you ended up getting a non-aligned bridge.. i think pickguards are seldom cut with precision because they have actual measurements for it so i suppose the pickguard is not your problem, rather, the bridge itself..

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