ive been playing for over 3 years, and ive been using ph's for about a year, and i still have trouble hitting them, i would say i only actually get a decent squeal 75% of the time.

i understand how they work, and letting your thumb hit the string after your pick, and i understand how different places on the string allow for different pitches, (the only ive been able to use are 1: in front of the pickup, closest to the neck 2: behind the pickup, and 3: in between the two pickups.

and i understand that the tonal quality of the harmonic depends heavily on the vibrato you put on the string after you hit it.

so why cant i get a consistent sound?
Use more gain on the amp, it usually helps.
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all i do is play the loudest[and scream-iest] again and again until i can unconsciously "memorize" where that particular spot is...
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really, a big factor is actually your pickups. if they are able to catch more trebley tones, then it makes it easier to do a pinch harmonic.
Use the bridge pickup, works a lot better than the others. Also, replace your strings if they're old.
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Honestly, just practice and it'll become more consistent. Just incorporate them by playing all downstroked riffs with each note being a harmonic.
So, since Im in here. You know how you have the 4th fret harmonic? When you do a pinch harmonic, are you just doing a harp harmonic, but using the equivalent of a 4th fret harmonic on the bridge?