From X-Play's "Games for Cheap Bastards" comes "Dates for Cheap Bastards"

post your date ideas that cost less than $10. Can't include walks in the park.


ok, fine, I've got a date tomorrow and I have hardly any money whatsoever

we can keep the thread going too for other's if at all possible.
take them anyplace that you can talk. girls love to talk so let them. also, cook them dinner if you can. girls love a guy that can cook, and a guy that takes the time to cook a nice meal for them. raid you cupboard/pantry/fridge and its all free
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you could get ice cream.
you could sneak into a movie theatre.
you could steal a boat, and then go waterskiing.
you could break into a hotel where your political rivals are staying, and tamper with their phone lines, eventually leading up to a scandal that would force you to leave office.

...oops, i was thinking of richard nixon again.

i'll just let myself out the way i came in.

*door opens, closes*
I have no opinion on this matter.
watch half baked. he's got great ideas, and i'm pretty sure he makes a whole afternoon date work on something like 3 or 4 dollars - ingenuity at its finest.
You could buy a box of rubbers for less than $10, couldn't you?

Otherwise, I don't really know what to say. You are asking the Pit, you know...

Take her to a park and play her a song on your guitar. Get creative. That's the best you can do, is just get creative.
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You could go for a drive. If she's not down with that, say you'll take her to an expensive restaurant, but then "get lost" on the way.
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