Hey I've been playing a steel-string guitar for almost a year now, and I'm wondering what things i should look for when buying a classical guitar.

My budget $100-$200

i have medium sized hands

look at what kind of wood was used and if it is solid or laminated.. brand names could also be helpful since some big brands bring out good quality guitars.. although the price comes with their quality.. try to play different classical guitars.. whichever would feel comfortable to your playing would definitely be the one for you..

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To be honest I disagree with some of what Deltacross said. I would look for those that are not some big brand name. Better yet, ignore the brand period. Also, just because a brand makes one good model doesn't mean the other guitars are going to be good. The guitar is what matters anyway not the brand. And price doesn't mean you get quality. I have played many guitars that are around 600 and they sound worse then one for 200. I have also played some for 600 that sound better then 1000...get the point?

I do agree to find the guitar you are comfortable playing and sounds good. I also agree to play different classical guitars, try as many as possible.
Though, there are some brands, like Yamaha, that have good quality control that produce "standard" guitars that are basically good for any beginners. Someone new to the guitars won't tell the differences. You have to have been playing for a long time to start to identify what's good and bad. The thing is, there always seems to be a guitar that sounds the best. Play it a ****load. If you like, you buy.
get the yamaha cg111c .. its $230 has a solid cedar top sounds and plays great .. with classical guitars the desired sound is usually cedar tops because of its distinct sound for fingerpicking .. if you dont get the yamaha then id still greatly advise you get a cedar top classical guitar