I've only removed one of the covers, and im worried that the pickup seems a little unsteady, are you supposed to be able to move it so easily? And should i put the screws back in, the ones that you could see on the pickup cover?
uhhh i dont understand what you are trying to do? Are you trying to play it without the covers on?
i probably should have mentioned im talking about mirrored humbucker covers
If your asking do you need the six polepiece screws you have to take out to get rid of the cover yea. And the uncovered pickup isnt as tight in the ring or pickguard so they seem to move around more. Just curious was removing the cover worth the effort.
It doesn't make much difference to the tone, just a little brighter, mostly on the high end, I didn't notice much more hum, though that could just be my ears. It does look a lot cooler though, one of the pickups is white/black, and overall just looks waayy better. I'd say it was worth it, for sure.