So I'm in the market for a bigger amp, and I stumbled upon this Ampeg BA-115, and I'm wondering whether that seems like a good deal, after factoring in New Zealand monies and import costs and whatever (I found it listed in one shop for $1300).
Thoughts? Opinions? Abuse?
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I think you would be much better off with a 10x2 cab, rather then a single 15.

Many users on this site, including myself have a Fender Rumble 100 (retails for $900 AU). Very loud and great low and mid tones.
i love ampeg but im not a big fan of that combo. The ones that ive played out of were very noisy compared to my v4bh which is pretty quiet.
It really isn't that great an amp, and sells mostly on the image of the upper end Ampegs. Quite simply, for a little more, you can get so much more.

I would recommend having a look at the Warwick Sweet 15 and the Ashdown MAG 300. They are two very good higher power combos.
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Never got sold on the Ampeg sound though, so maybe I'm a bit biased .
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Ampeg BA115 and BA115HP

I can see why people gravitate towards these - it's the brand we see behind most famous bassists and these combos look really stylish but these thoroughly disappointed me. The 15" speaker is woofy sounding and the EQ is not very effective and for recording purposes a three band EQ is woefully inadequate, especially when you're used to having a three band onboard preamp. I didn't like the positioning of the mid control, and boosting the treble sounded unpleasant with the tweeter on the lower powered model. Maybe the speaker on these needs a period of breaking in to sound its best but it sounded to me somewhat muffled as if I'd thrown a blanket over the amp - bearing in mind I was testing it with a Fender Jazz lack of clarity wasn't what I expected. The "style" control on these is a pre-shaped EQ, useful perhaps to quickly change tone or for those who don't really know what they want from EQ but I found it crude and would have preferred to have a couple more bands instead. At £270 for the 100W version and a totally ridiculous £425 for the 220W version (GAK prices) there are definitely better alternatives. I haven't tried the version with the preamp tube but if it has the same speaker I can't imagine it makes much difference and is worth the extra £80.
I wrote this some time ago...I'm not a fan of these combos