Ok, so i have this brand new Gibson Explorer but it has stock pickups.

Now the guitar plays beautifully, but the pickups really let her down. She's a massive slab of mahogany and she's set neck (as all gibsons). I play heavy metal on it, but I'm not fused on emgs (in my opinion, if you stick emgs in a broomstick it'll still scream) so yeh, looking for some pickup recomendations.

It would be nice to have her sound like an old les paul (PAF style), but original paf's are way to expensive, what are the reissues like?
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Price range? Pickups can vary a lot in price...
get some super distortions ;D

i hear the stewmac golden age hot wounds are good sounding pickups... alnico v and i think theyre wired to 12k
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