Is it possible? I took it to where I bought it (Long and McQuade) and received it back in a week or so, and I still got that annoying buzz when I strum it. Not so bad that it chokes the note off, just rattle.

Should I go in and complain, or is there very little point to complain about a electric guitar buzzing on the neck?

-Thanks, Mike
dude, go back there and get them to set it up for free, they are professionals, therefore they should do a proper job.
sometimes luthiers can only set up a guitar so well but the frets have inherent flaws. did you get a crowning also? a lot of times frets are uneven so you have a choice between higher action or low action with minimal fret buzz. if you can't really hear it thru an amp i wouldn't worry about it because a crowning costs around $100 USD.