Alright this song is going to be a sort of funk metal kind of song its sort of rappy like rages stuff. its my first song so the lyrics are sort of dodgy but please tell whats wrong. Its sort of about neo nazis because i watched a film last night on neo nazi skinhead stuff and just wrote it all night

Verse 1
I believed in this hypocrisy
loading up my guns,forgetting reality
I believed in the furhrer of germany,
anti semetic laws governing me
I though true to the lies of this dictarship
praising all th way, the ideas brought on to me,
I threw punches, burnt down houses
Floored ******s to the left and right of me.
I believed this was right for me
Doing it because it was brought onto me
Living this life as i thought it should be.

I am wrong
through with this,
these ideas
i turned against me.
I saw light
pulled my way out
knowing that this was right for me.
I believed in the scum
Neo nazi flounderings,
I believe i was wrong.

Verse 2
I believed in this wrong doing,
shelling out my disguist,no thought for family's
I believed in this insanity
no idea what was wrong with me.
Since my father, he brought me up to do it this way
Kissing all the pictures, swearing my loyality.
I forget me, forsaked my family
i smashed faces of pavements no thought for reality
I believed to do it this way,
Because i ****ed my sanity
Doing these things as i thought they should be.

Verse 3
I believed in this death bringing
Shelling out my caps, like quotes from history
I believed in ruining this life for me
No thinking what was wrong with me.
I was brainwashed, to belive in this reign.
I fought in, only to fight out again.
I served time, innocents dying for me.
My guns i shot in front of me, killing 1, 2, 3
I belived it was the right thing for me
But i tryed to make things right
Even though my family are dead to me.

thanks for reading all that all the critisism i can get thanks,