I just got done watching 'Conan the Barbarian,' and I've got to say, probably the best 'for men' movie ever. I mean, it has it all: Killing, sex, killing, tits, blood, sex, killing, giant snakes, sex, action, tits, James Earl Jones, tits, giant morphing snake dudes, giant orgies, sex, action, tits, violence. Oh, and The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenneger. For reals. Can the pit top this?
I always thought that BASEketball was a good man movie. All the girls I know hate it, but all the guys I know love it
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Die Hard with a vengeance. Nothing will ever top the scene where Bruce Willis walks into a black neighbourhood wearing a sign saying "I hate n*ggers". Balls the size of watermelons.
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Definitely Die Hard. Anyone who says otherwise please hand in your balls at the desk.
Shoot 'Em Up or Planet Terror.
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On the other thread, one option is Scarface.

Scarface isnt a just "man" movie. Cos girls love it too :/ Somehow they find Al Pacino attractive, and hence they even like the violence! lol.

Same with 300. Cos the guy who plays Leonidus is the guy who plays the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera.

But 300 just ****ing pwns.