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Silver Burst
20 57%
Black Beuty
15 43%
Voters: 35.
I am looking at getting a new guitar but am torn on which one to get, I can get an Epiphone Les Paul Limited Edition Silver Burst for 549.99 or an Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty for 499.99, typically the black beauty costs 100 more but I was wondering which one is better quality because the silver burst looks alot nicer but will go with beauty if quality is better

here is beauty pic

and here is silver

well, you notice the black beauty has an extra pickup, lol. That adds to the price. The gold hardware also adds to the price.

I would still go for the silverburst tbh.
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Black Beauty.
It's classier, IMO.

I'd have to agree.

The Silverburst looks nice, but it just doesn't have the same amount of class.
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I would have to say the black beauty because it's cheaper, has an extra pickup which adds to versatility (or might not I'm not familiar with how the pickup selection works on them ) and it just seems somewhat classier as said above.
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i like the silver burst better.
the black beauty is still sexy tho, i almost bought one a while back.
The Black Beauty looks waaaay way better than the silver burst. I just love the Gold hardware on black. Sorry i haven't actually played either of them...
economy wise, I'd go with the black beauty, but looks, I'd go with the silver burst cause it looks damn sexy. I'm not telling you to buy guitar for looks, but if igt's just 50 bucks and you'll be playing some time with it, why not?

and quality wise, beside the extra pick up, I dont think they differ that much(not sure)
i own a black beauty. They are a very nice guitar -with the extra pickup you can get strat sounds so its alot more versitile,and looks way better but really there is not a real lot of difference
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Black Beauty.
It's classier, IMO.

I totally agree. Not many guitars can match a Black Beauty in terms of classiness.