Hey guys,

I have an ESP-LTD Ex-400BD... plays/sounds fine - but it seems to have a really DRY fretboard - what can i do to 'soften' it up a little bit, to play smoothly like my other guitars? When i bought it, in the case there was this crappy fretboard treatment stuff, that was all worn out... will the previous owner have over-done it and ****ed up or...?

Hey may have. Lemon oil is great for rosewood fretboards, but it should only be used once in a while.

Do you have any pictures?
I don't sorry... For the spec of the guitar, it says it has a Maple Neck (...does this include the fretboard?)... and i had a quick look at lemon oil on eBay, and on one of the auctions it said "Not suitable for maple necks."

What should i do from here? :S

EDIT: What pictures do you need, from what angles to help me? I might be able to get some.

EDIT2: Just read properly... Maple neck, but Rosewood fretboard! Looks like lemon oil then?