Ok so i have a Marshall MG15DFX little practice amp, and i got a marshall footswitch ( http://images4.thomann.de/pics/prod/104789.jpg )

here is a pic of the front of my amp : http://images4.thomann.de/pics/bdb/154926/41570_800.jpg.

so the problem is, on my amp there is no separate input for the footswitch.. so.. uh.. is there anyway i can get this thing to work? this sounds stupid

Yeah i have a Marshall MG50DFX with has a foot switch input But if your amp doesn't there is nothing you can do you should check you have one before you bought it
If you fancy soldering, you could always spend a few mins working out the pinout and wiring it directly to the PCB/adding your own footswitch socket

I don't know what's funnier. The fact that you wasted money on an MG, or the fact that you wasted even more money on a footswitch.

But seriously, send it back.
Signatures are overrated.
If the amp wasnt made to have footswitchable channels doubt the feature could be simply added. So yea you wasted you money.