Is there a reason why the strings on my guitar are so 'stiff' and difficult to bend? I'm using 9-46s right now, and the action is as low as I can get it, but it feels really stiff compared to the cheap guitars at school, which use .10s.

I'm using a Fender Strat by the way...

not enough slack on them when you put them on? you're using too short strings?
Check your truss rod.

Also check the springs in the back.

That's all I can think of...
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if you are tuned up to standard pitch then that's what you will get, trem springs, truss rod etc etc wont make any difference to the string tension. check that they are 9 - 42 (put a new set on) and also that you are tuned to standard pitch and not something higher.

9 - 42 is the 'standard' string set used by fender when they ship them from the factory. i find them a bit too slack myself, prefer 10 - 46
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what strings are you using? maybe it can also be a factor.. thin guages of string are best preferred if you like bending much because the tension shouldn't be that great compared to thicker guages..

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are your frets in good condition, they could be causing some resistance
Are your strings cold to the touch? I get the same problem every winter with my guitars.
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