I love playing my guitar, but ive noticed that my attention span on songs is pretty short. Ill get a tab for the song, learn the main riffs and solos if i want to and then i just move on to another one. I never actually learn the whole entire song, just the main recognizable parts. So i never play along to a track or anything. Am i learning songs the wrong way? Is it necessary to learn the whole thing?

Dont get me wrong though. There are just a few songs i know the whole thing to because theyre more interesting and not so simple.
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do you hope to be in a band one day? if so, it is essential. If not, wouldn't it be better to play a song rather than say ' i can play this bit'? its almost like having a shower and then playing in pig sh*t. Sort of defeats the object.
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Why are you guys saying it's wrong?

You don't need to learn any full songs to be great at guitar.

No, but it helps alot, and gives great satisfaction when playing along to the track.
I mean, no-one likes to **** up.
Learn the whole song, it teaches endurance and is more rewarding AND its more impressive if you can play more than just bits and pieces.
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You're doing nothing wrong. I can remember when I wanted to learn something, it would be a more interesting riff and then I'd learn something else. I never learned any full songs until I could play lead very nicely. If you want to learn a full song go for it, if you don't then so be it. It's not going to hurt or harm you if you never learn a full song.

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