Hey guys, ive got a flight to china tomorrow and im gonna be away for a month. while im there, i was looking to buy a guitar so i can play. does anyone know of any stores in the beijing, china area?
There's a small music shop in the Golden Resources Shopping Mall, located near the Fourth Ring Road west of Beijing.
It might be a bit hard to find, because the mall is really big.
The stores in china are in districts. There are 3 music store districts in beijing. There was a really nice one in the downtown shopping area not far from the street with all the food booths. A taxi driver should be able to take you to where the guitars are. Its ge-ta in chinese. But dont expect any deals the guitars there are more than they are here. Same guitars but there is some sort of hefty tax. And I can warn you there are alot of fake ones in stores and alot really poorly made ones. And some are the factory rejects they wouldnt ship here. Also 90% of the strings sold there are repackaged fakes. A set of real ddarrios is about 20 bucks a set of repackaged ones is half that. All prices can be bargained there is no such thing as a set price in china even in department stores.
theres a Tom Lee music store near the temple of heaven. It has a selection of Jacksons, Gibsons, Fenders, Ovations, lots of strings and accessories and such, but it doesn't compare to the ones in Hong Kong. theres also Guitar Street...located near xinjiekou. lots of small shops. Be sure to check out a shop called SOLO and guitarcenter.com.cn. nice shops good people and real guitars.
I know this thread's a year old, but I also just arrived in Beijing two weeks ago and I'm going to be here until early December, and all I have is my practice pad and drumsticks. I'm really just looking for a cheap acoustic, something to practice on, and I wouldn't be bringing it home. Anyone have any tips on where to go for something like that. I'm in the Chaoyang District, if that helps.