Hi all,

Guitarist wanting to join/form band based in Medway Towns. Anyone who plays an instrument to a good level interested? Willing to do anything alternative......i.e. Metalcore,Hardcore,Metal,Hard Rock Anything!just not indie!
I've got good gear and great guitar playing experience! Aged 18/19 so keep around that age!

Would be great to hear from people!

hey, i'm round Rainham and aged 15...don't be put off though, i'm more mature than most would think. I've been in a band with older people as well if that comforts you any bit more lol. I play guitar and sing for about 3 years. Pretty good to be honest with you. I'm into the metal kinda scene and i also play acoustic stuff....Unfortunatly i've only got my acoustic here cause i live in UAE and here for summer so i could only bring the acoustic rather than everything else =/
sorry if wasted your time...