i have a micro cube and i just tried to play and full volume to see if the sounds changes. i was on jc clean model tone full and gain full and when i opened the volume up after 6 o clock it started to make a sound like HSSSSSS and i grew as i opened the volume is this a normal thing??? it was very annoying halved the gain and i the sound seemed to go. does this mean there is a problem with the amp or its just normal?
well solid states are designed to sound best at lower volumes. if u need to crank it up for a show or something, buy a tube amp. but i think its normal, and i dont think u need the clean channel's gain at 10.

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im no amp expert but im pretty sure every amp does this when you turn the volume way up. Also i wouldnt play the amp all the way up for to long or you might blow it also you might not be grounded. Its when your amp has a three prong plug and you plug it into a two prong extension cord. The extra voltage that normally go's through the prong either comes out the amp with feedback/hissing or you get shocked through your strings or any other metal part or you guitar
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Hissing? Yes, that's usually normal, depends on how much hissing there was. With gain and tone at full, I'm not surprised. What kind of a guitar do you have? Single coil pickups also cause hissing (compared to humbuckers, which "buck the hum").
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yea Hissing on the cube amps, (I have a micro cube myself) will come if you turn the volume up quite a bit on any of the channels.

these amps are best when played at lower volumes..also the speaker isnt really too high in quality so dont work it too hard, you may blow it out and have to get it replaced...