Hey guys,
from the title of the thread you can probably guess what this is about, but still, act surprised when I tell you. Heres the story...

So I was at Guitar Center talking to the guy at the counter about a SRV strat, seeing as I'd been thinking about checking one out, he says "sure, we have one for about fifteen hundred" so I was thinking 'oh, obviously too expensive for me to be playing, he doesn't wanna trust a teenager with a thousand dollar guitar'. So I thought that was that, then he tells me they have another Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar and of course I knew what he was talking about. I'd been staring at it a couple days earlier wondering who was allowed to go in that huge vault with the glass doors in which they keep Lenny. I asked him if he'd ever played Lenny and...

"Sure I have, do you want to?"

HOLY**** the guy grabs the keys and now I'm in that 'glass room' sitting around as he unlocks the ****in ark of the covenant as far as guitars are concerned. Then he hands it to me. Wow. It just felt amazing. It seriously feels like the real thing, I mean not that I would know what Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar actually felt like but you could just feel there was something special about it. I started checking out all the little details, the Mickey Mantle autograph, SRV's autograph, the stickers, all the tiny cracks and imperfections. It was beautiful. Then he plugged the amp in. Wow. It sounds amazing. To everyone that has ever replied to my incessant longing for Lenny with "Oh shutup, replicas sound like **** anyway", you sir, are WRONG. It is the greatest sounding guitar that I will probably ever hear. And what did I play? Mary Had a Little Lamb =D The SRV one so don't kill me, but I didn't wanna embarass myself, and it sounded sick enough.

Its a little messed up that I've played the pinnacle of guitars this early in my playing career. And a little messed up that I'm still so new to guitar that I didn't have anything better to play on it. But wow.

TL;DR - I played Lenny, which is the greatest guitar ever.
wow, lucky you..

i agree, some signature models out there are amazing.
but sadly, i don't think the majority of them are.
Lucky bastard... I'd have to give the employees at my GC multiple sexual favors to check out something that nice.
Thats awesome.I would love to have Lenny.I dont care if it was the real thing or a replica ( of course I would love to have the original.)