the action can change a bit...altho not too much between strings.. if you are into lower actions, get the strings as low as you are comfortable...and raise them individually(or together depending on your bridge) till you dont get any buzz

a slight difference in relative strings is allright.
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Whatever you're comfortable with and sounds good.
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Depends on whats causing the fret buzz. If its from your neck being in back bow, you need to loosen the truss rod. If its from crazy low action, then you need to fix it from the saddles.
Correct me if i'm wrong, But i think the standard fender setup has the strings in a knid of curved arrangement to match the fretboard shape.
jimRH7: Yes, most basses are setup like that.

TS: It shouldn't hurt, but it might be a little weird getting used to. Also, if you, yourself have posted a thread on action before, just bump that thread with the new question. If you haven't posted a thread about action before, creating a new one is fine, provided the question isn't one that's frequently asked, which this isn't.
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a little buz is exceptable! nothing can ruin your action like going O.C.D about buzz and haveing crazy action!
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