Hey, I'm going to be buying my second guitar soon, and I'll probably be getting a guitar that's good for metal. Right now, I only have a cheap Peavey that I got to start off. Anyways, on musiciansfriend, I found a Kerry King Signature for pretty cheap. Here it is:
I don't really want to spend TOO much, so would this guitar be good for metal? Is there a better guitar that I can get for around the same price, or even a bit more? Thanks.
On personal taste, I don't like BC Riches, they are over the top and aren't built that well, for beginner metal it's fine I guess, it has humbuckers, and when your first starting stuff like that it's okay-ish. However this is your second guitar, you gonna want to look at somthing that is higher quality, what's the point of owning two "first" guitars (if you see what I mean), if I were you I would look at some of the mid range ESP's, Sechters or Dean's, they are much better guitars.
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Yes , but V only kicks as in live performances. Is ****ing lame study with that guitar.
This won't be that much better than your Peavey IMHO.

Firstly, I recommend not getting a sig model, secondly, I'll tell you to go and look at Ibanez, Jacksons, and ESPs, because low-end B.C Riches suck major ass.

I don't know much about ESPs, I don't use them, but I hear lots about them, and I'm sure someone here will be willing to fill you in.

Check out Jackson Pro series, Dinkys, DKMG.
Ibanez RG, RG Prestige, possibly the S series if you're looking for more versatility.

Check out some Schecters if you can get hold of them too, though low-end, again, tend to be not that great.
i have an rg, about 800$

its a great guitar, i play gigs with it and i recommend one

just get the 800$ ones and not the 600$ and lower ones
those are beginner
yearsss ago, i bought an ESP 351.
i was like, wow that is a badass looking guitar.
so i bought it, and to this day when im actually good at playing guitar, i realize that it really is a good guitar.
but now, unless you ebay it, you cant get the 351....
they only sell the 50, 260?, and 400.
but with EMG's and amazing playability.
you cant go wrong.
i could play this guitar for days straight
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Only the Pro series ones. Whatever they call their beginner's range, they're not worth it. JS, I think the beginners ones are. You'll want to be looking at the Pro range (DKs), and MGs, like DKMG, DKMGT, DXMG. I recommend the DK2 personally.
I find the V's Uncomfertable, you should get an Ibanez with a 5 ply neck, they have the nicest feel I find. RGA321F Prestige Is a pretty slick one, personally that is my favourite guitar.