Hey guys.

My band American Son Down has just got done demoing a couple more songs.
They're on our myspace, link is in my sig.

Heavier than what we've done in the past, and for me, alot more shredding (but hey, that's never bad, is it?). Songs are the top 2 on our page, "Steel Pain" and "In or Out", but if you like us, feel free to add us, listen to all of our ****, and we just got our first booking agent, so hopefully we'll see you at a show sometime soon during our travels.

Also, my amp for these recording sessions was a Bugera 6262. I love the tone I got out of it. Very in your face, almost comparable to an Alexi Laiho tone. With alot of you looking for soundclips of a Bugera, here's a good opportunity to hear what they can do.

Thanks, C4C
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Wow, very good work

Loving the riffage, there's some good guitar dueling going on there. Solid vocals; although they do sound a little shaky in places. Well executed breakdown, leading into some very nice shreddage. Great production quality too, I really can't find much to fault here.

In or Out isn't as solid as the first song. Very promising riffage and verse, but it wavers a little at the chorus. Again though, nice harmonising, and once more awesome lead.

Overall though, you have some great stuff up. Keep it up

Mind having a listen? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=872216
Thanks for the crit
Really nice and melodic riffs, although I prefer more chaotic thrash stuff, this was still pretty good. The vocals are good, they remind me a lot of some band though As Vermintide mentioned they're a bit shaky at some parts, but nothing too bad. Nice shredding solos too, but the tapping part in Steel Pain sounded a lot like the tapping part in One, might want to change that (maybe not, it's your choice after all).
Mother Says was pretty good, I love the slow and heavy riffs. The vocals were a bit off at some parts though, but perhaps that was the point.
Overall good, you have some pretty nice riffs.