3 months ago, I've bought a LTD esp kh-602 off my local music store in Canada(québec). They told me it'd take about 8 weeks to get it from the USA. Now its been 12 weeks and I'm still waiting so... I was wondering if it's normal to wait this long to get a ''high quality'' guitar. Any similar experiences or comments will be appreciated , thanks
I suspect they're not being completely open with you.

I've sent commercial shipments to Canada at least a dozen times. It usually takes 3 or 4 days to get to the border, another 2 or 3 days in customs, and then another 2 or 3 days to get to the destination.

If the manufacturer has the item in stock, and if they ship within a day or two of receiving the order, then it should never take more than two weeks max to deliver to Canada.
from shops it always takes longer, depends when they place their next order, they wont order just one guitar at a time, they order mass at once so they will wait until they need more product

EDIT: only way they will order single product, is if u arrange to pay the shipping and what not, otherwise they will not make as much money if shipping for 1 guitar is 100 and shipping for 10 guitars is 400
well you can ask the store what is up.... i had that same thing happen at a store, and when i asked them about it, turned out they never actually put the order in with the manufacturer
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you should definitely go to them and ask what's up. There's no reason it should take that long.
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Thanks everyone. I called them a week ago and they told me there was 2 of them coming for the end of may. I called again today and they told me they weren't arrived.. I can wait, but I thought it was wierd that it took so long, thanks again everyone, much appreciated