When I first started playing guitar, I purchased a Line 6 Spider 212 100 watt (first mistake) and a Mexican Fender Strat (second mistake). So recently, I went to the local Guitar Center and purchased the David Gilmour DG-20 pre-wired pickup set for the strat. I figured anything was better than the pickups the guitar came with. Wrong. As soon as I wired it up and plugged it in, I was disappointed. The only channel my guitar would work on was the clean channel, and anything after that just became progressively more muddy and simply unplayable. Fortunately, I have a distortion pedal, and I can use that to get a decent tone, but I would really like be able to use the channels on the amp.

So, my question is: Is there anyway I can use my amp channels with the DG-20. For those not familiar with the DG-20, they are active pickups powered by a 9V battery. I'll assume that the active pickups simply just don't work with the digital processing of my Line 6. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Sorry about this lengthy story, I'm just looking for a definitive answer to this. Thanks in advance.
SS state amps and active pickups dont go well together even worse with spiders. And spider amps dont like pedals either. So you may have to put the old pickups back in for now if you want to use the other channels. Keep em for when you get a good amp later on.
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