needed some help. i've been practicing for a good year er so now and i'm improving. lead guitar seems to be more my fortay..but theres room for improvement, but i seem to be having a hard time with rhythm i cant seem to go from one chord to the other smoothly and i was wondering if anyone had any tips for me...cuz i'm stuck when it comes to rhythm. thanx!
Use/buy a metronome. How can you be good at lead if you haven't mastered rhythm yet?

Edit: Nvm re-read on the lead part.
Practice songs with a lot of changes in chords. Play along with the song too, it'll keep you on time
i dont know....when i play songs i can wiz through lead parts single picking strings n stuff..i can play chords..like power chords n stuff just have a hard time transitioning to one to the other...
i play along with my avneged sevenfold cd all the time...thats basically what i play...i play it just fine i'm just not ....."smooth"..ya know
I was in the same boat as you were when I started. What really helped me was by switching chords at a slow pace but making sure they were accurate every time. The speed and "smoothness" will come later. Once you practice enough, it just turns into muscle memory, and you 'll do it without hesitation.