So, school is almost over, I'll be done in 20 days. I'm passing all of my subjects so I'll have the summer to myself rather than having to study and for the last few days I've had an idea in my head.

I want to defret one of my acoustic guitars. It's the oldest one of the three I have, it's a laminate top, worth 20 or 30 euros and I definitely have no sentimental attachment to it.

So I have a bunch of questions.

How many of you are in favour of this? I'm 99% sure I'm going to do it so your answers won't affect my ideas.

Ever done it?

Any good FAQs, tutorials etc etc you might want to send my way?

defretting sounds cool, haha.

& LOL at jimtaka's post.
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€20-30 with no sentimental value?
You might aswell. It would certainly make the poor thing more interesting.
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jim ftw.


what do we know about defretting guitars? take this to GBC!

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Just remember to take it slow. Even if its only worth a few buck you won't enjoy it if you do it poorly. How are you thinking about filling in the frets? If you're not too bothered about neatness you can try wood filler, I saw someone use that. If you're doing it on the cheap lolly sticks/matches work reasonably well.

You might have a problem with a high action, so be prepared..
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