There is a song called Goodbye Horses by a band called Lazzarus (I think thats how you spell it) and its used in the film Silence of the Lambs, in the scene where the transexual serial killer is 'dressing up' up in woman's skin. Its also heard on Liberty Rock Radio in Grand Theft Auto IV's radio stations.

Its a bloody awesome song and I'm wondering does anyone know what Lazzurus are like as a band as a whole. Were they a one hit wonder or they quite a respectable and well rounded group? I'm looking for interesting covers to remix for my band and other bands I tab for, and I want to know some of their backgroud. If anyone can help, that will be cool.
This was the only forum that would load. I think there is something wrong with my computer. I probably need to defragment and delete temp files and cookies. Thanks for the info though.