I just played my first solo gig last night and it was actually pretty decent, meaning I actually managed to get through it without being booed off the stage (it was just two songs at an open mic night, but still). I was just wondering how everyone else's first gigs went.

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I played For whom the Bell tolls with some friends after playing bass for 3 months. at some school of music talent show. It Sucked. lol
Played an original and 2 covers at a benefit concert at my school... before I really learned to sing. Decent, but not great by any means.
i didn't tune my guitar before i went on, hadn't up my amp before i went on, and worst of all forgot to wear deodorant. not only did my tone suck but the other players at the jam almost fainted
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I'm about to have my biggest "gig" on Monday. Maybe about 20 people. Just me, no other band members. In my Science room for a mini talent show.

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Yeah, played a school gig when I was like 12, at the time we thought we were amazing.

Looking back, that was not the case
um played a original at a school talent show, the mic didnt work so no one heard the vocals but i was happy with my proformance. the youtube vid is on my profile
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my "first gig" happened last night playing acoustic at an elementary school carnival to raise money for the PTA (my mom's a teacher at the school). It was pretty awesome, and I made $17.50 in about an hour and a half, but I didn't get to keep any of it
My first "gig" was at my schools talent show 4 years ago, it was just me playing a guitar medley of Metallica, AC/DC, and Black Sabbath songs. I was nervous as hell.
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my first was to about 400 people. we had no stage presence, played 2 covers, dressed terribly, and other than that, the rest was great.
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my first gig was at this place, the recher theatre. our lead guitarist's amp died in the middle of the first song. my bass was completly out of tune (i was like 10), and the funny thing is, we didn't notice anything wrong until a year later when we watched a video of it.
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Played a Weezer cover at a talent show in front of around 500. We just used the amps that were set up already instead of our own. Mine was a ridiculous high gain amp, and my friend had a super quiet clean amp. Nobody could hear him playing rhythm, and my leads were obnoxiously loud.
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and my leads were obnoxiously loud.

best way to have them

My first one was fairly dull. just played some covers at a charity gig. The second one was more interesting. I was using somone elses lead and the solder joints were buggered. if i moved, the sound cut out. i had to stand still for the whole thing.
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I must have been 12, played Nirvana-About A Girl, Blink 182-All the Small Things and Green Day - When I come Around with some friends at a ocal talent show, somehow we won too
Earlier this year in AP English I played an acoustic version of Bohemian Rhapsody. I changed the lyrics to tell the story of Virginia Woolf, but still made it funny (there were about 25 others in the class.)

It was alright...just me and my guitar. Nobody else to depend on.
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1st gig I played was supporting Beyond All Reason. I was only a filler guitarist as the other one was away on holiday. After the gig they kicked the other guitarist out and I joined
First 'gig' I played in was a school one. Only played one song with another guitarist. (Always with me always with you)

Edit: NO NO NO.. Just remembered when I was 9 I was in the school band. I was lead singer and lead guitarist. And we played 'Thats What I Go To Shool For' - Busted in front of 400 people
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Actually..there's a gigantic thread about people's first gigs. Don't remember where though.
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My first was at a Battle of Bands, we were so bad
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